Creating Your Own Unique Resin Coasters at Home

Creating Your Own Unique Resin Coasters at Home

Our DIY Resin Coaster Project Boxes Were Featured on Breakfast Television Toronto!

Click here to see our best-selling DIY Project Boxes on Toronto’s Breakfast Television!

These are Toronto’s first one-stop-shop resin project boxes and were born in the beginning of the pandemic in hopes to give people who are staying home a stress-free and fun experience. You can buy the materials at any retailer, but why do that when you can receive everything you need in a specialty box (complete with an exclusive dessert to truly treat yourself)! 

Each and every DIY box is handcrafted with love and carefully curated so you know that you are receiving top-quality supplies.


What is included in the Resin Coaster Project Boxes?

  • 2 round Carli D silicone molds
  • 8oz of resin
  • Measuring cups and stirring tools
  • Paint colours (blue and white)
  • Glitter and gold foil
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber feet
  • Sandpaper
  • Vinyl gloves and an apron
  • Additional unique embellishments in every kit!

Click here to order DIY Resin Box or sign up for a subscription box to continue creating beautiful home décor!

Missed the Breakfast Television segment on June 16th? Click here to check it out!


Giving Back To Our Community

Through BT segment we were able to donate 20% of the profits from the DIY Resin Coaster project boxes sales, a total of $200 in 15 minutes of sales, went directly to Ontario Shores Foundation. This will help support research, programs, and other initiatives relating to mental health support. Thanks to those who purchased a box because you helped make a difference!


Virtual Creative Workshops are Coming this November! Stay Tuned for Registration Details.

I hosted painting and resin workshops in partnership with the Ontario Shores Foundation to promote creativity as an emotional outlet as well as raise funds for those struggling with mental health. The creative events are either pay by donation or all ticket purchases goes straight to the foundation.

Be sure to follow the Ontario Shores Foundation @ontshoresfdn and Carli D Collective @carlipaintings on Instagram for all upcoming event updates and registration information!

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