About Us

Carmen Darley is a self-taught artist, currently residing in Whitby, Ontario.

She focuses on the uniqueness and fine details of each art piece. Her hope is to empower her customers to feel good with their unique style and choices of home decor. Carmen is a recovering alcoholic, mom, mental health advocate, and motivator. This was the main drive to open her own business, as she has always said "I can't change the world but I hope to change the world of one person".
Her main goal is to host free creative workshops for those suffering from mental health.  

Official Partners of the Ontario Shores Foundation

Mental health and wellness are very near and dear to Carmen's heart. The intention of giving back to the community is what started her business in 2016. As she has a fortunate journey and pathway to recovery from her addictions, she hopes to change mental health stigma. 
Everything she launches within her passion-driven business is grounded by empowering people to focus on their mental health first. Art is one of the outlets that she focuses on to share with others how they can leverage the activities as a coping mechanism for a bad day or something for a mental break.

Carmen is the official partner of the Ontario Shores Foundation, where she facilitates workshops with her project boxes shipped directly to the guests to promote mental wellness through art. As well, she's organized events where proceeds will be donated to the foundation and events where ALL proceeds are donated. In 2020, Carmen donated over $500 raised through the events to the foundation. In 2021, the goal is $5000. All donations will go towards initiatives and research for mental health through the foundation.  

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